Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Okay, been a while since I posted. For about 2 months now I've been concentrating on exams, but now they're over and I can begin to concentrate on my runing again. Had some indifferent performances recently. A good run in the Striders 5k, followed by my two worst performances to date two days later at Herts Schools then a fairly good run in the boiling heat at thelast NJL fixture takin second to Dave Bottjer after a good race with the Norwich chap, who I actually outsprinted for the finish unbelievably. 9:37, not great but in that heat worth a lot more!

Got a 10k this weeked, High Ongar, looking to take back my title of two years ago as top junior and also have a go for one of the senior placings. I've beatena former winner comprehensively now so I have a chance, it all depends how it pans out.


Michelle Mitchell said...

exams gosh that bring back memories...glad im not back there again.
best of luck with the 10k Bryn. have the British 10k on sunday myself but lack of training over the past month or so my chance are not looking to good. paddy last I reckon :-)

Nick Hooker said...

Hope You Get some good Results Bryn!

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