Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Training Week Ending 13th November 2011

The next entry. It's good going back over this stuff and reminding myself what I did previously and the change in the past couple of months.

Week ending 13th November 2011

Monday: 8 odd miles with chasers easy
Tuesday: track session, 4x400 fairly relaxed then 3x800 with long recoveries in 2.19,2:17,2:21 with last one slower as got boxed in.
Wednesday: 4 miles recovery as got home from work early; pm: 12x14 second hard hillsprints as part of a 8 mile run
Thursday: rest
Friday: 9 and a bit miles at 7.34mm - bit of doms from hills
Saturday: am: 3 miles recovery jog; pm: 2.7 disjointed warm-up then 5.34 mile surrey league xc.at ham which was muddy but flat at 5.31mm and top 30 place, 2 mile wd
Sunday: 20 miles at 6.33mm along towpath.

Mileage: 68-ish.

Summary: Solid week with some fast relaxed track reps, hill sprints, a second decent xcrace in a week and a long run I'm still a bit astonished by. Mileage was a slight increase and as long as the trend is upward I'm not overly bothered. DOMS from the sprints shows that's still an area to work on and I've only got one vote season in although I've been better with foam rolling. Definite progress though which its what I need!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Training week ending 6th November 2011

Training week ending 6th November 2011

Monday: day before exam, did 8 odd miles with chasers averaging 6.45
Tuesday: am 4 recovery miles after exam pm: track session of 7x600 average 1.45 off 3ish minutes rec
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 3.5 mile tempo at 5.29mm
Friday: 5.25 miles at 7.45mm at 11 pm after arriving in mansfield gone 10.
Saturday: am 4 mile v. slow shakeout with sam pm: national xc relays 5k leg in 18.02team 60th.
Sunday: 18 miles averaging 7.15 mostly over wimbledon common. Felt relaxed. Pickedit up over last 6 with 2 sub 7, 2 6.30 and 2 sub 6mm.

Mileage 65 ish

Summary: solid week considering I had an exam. A track session where I finally went over 400m at 72 pace, my first tempo back sub 5.30, my first truly muddy xc I enjoyed and ran well in in years and my first 18 mile run since thames 20 this year.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Training week ending 30th October 2011

As we're into the new year and I've managed to keep a regular training log for a while I've decided to transfer some of the entries over here, one week every other day until it's up to date.

Would really suggest people sign up to googleplus as that is the best thing I've found so far to blog training but for the moment will run them in tandem.

Training week ending 30th October 2011

Monday: 8.3 miles easy
Tuesday: 8.3 miles steady
Wednesday: 8.3 miles MP progressive starting at 6.20 and finishing at 5.36. 6.02 average.
Thursday: 2 wu, 3.5 tempo @ 5.32 w. Sean, 2wd
Friday : 5 easy @ 7.30
Saturday: 4 w.u. , 10k xc ( ran crap), 2wd
Sunday: just short of  14 miles at 7mm at enjoyable pace over Wimbledon Common with Sam, James and fortunately Andy once we reached the common who took us on a tour.

Weekly total: 63 miles

Summary: A tough week revising for the exam from hell but managed to get a fairly solid week in. I was surprised at how well the tempo went given that had been a neglected area in recent weeks. Unfortunately the race itself was truly horrendous withme struggling from the get-go. it was fairly obvious I was far to stressedto make a decent hash of it though and happy to write it off as a weird one. Annoyingly as as it's the sort of course that suits me down to the ground.

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