Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Training 29-03-05

6 miles today and 9 miles planned tommorow. Felt very sluggish going round today, think it might be worth switching into my NB RC 150s (super-light racers) for tommorow just to give me a bit more zip. But yesterday was perhaps done a little too fast so no major problems.

I-pod shuffle had problems connecting up last night resulting in m having to now run it off the other computer. Not too much hassle but when I want to download songs now I have to download them copy them onto a CD then transfer them over. Will have to do it all in bulk-loads now.

Managed to book a driving lesson at 11:45 tommorow with a 5 hour politics revision class starting at 11:30 so will have to turn up late (others will already be there so shouldn't be too bad). At least afterwards a group of us are going to the pub and then for a meal so that should be good.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Daily Training

Did a 4 mile training run and for only the second time since last september I was able to run in a vest, and for the first time in shorts. Only did 4 miles as today is meant to be a relatively low mileage day in order to recover for higher mileage but chucked a few strides in for good measure. Training seems to be going well and I've accomplished the first of my pre-season aims, now to head for the others. I think if I start timing as many runs as possible then it'll give me a better idea about how I'm doing overall as the times gradually pick up. So far the Lydiard schedule is working fine but it'll be interesting to see how I adapt to it in the later stages.

I-pod shuffle is brilliant to run with and really helps break up the long runs. I need to stop accelerating whenever eye of the tiger starts playing though!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Personal Bests

Just setting out my personal bests before the beginning of the new season.

800: 2:15
1500 4:30.00
3000: 9:25.7 (As of Friday old PB 10:06)
5000: 17:32 (Road)
10000: 36:28
16000: 60:42
HM: still need to race!
M: still need to race!

First Post!

Well just set up my new blog to try and detail my running over the next few years.

Have just started the Lydiard 0-100 miles in 10 weeks programme in week 4 so have an 8 mile run planned later this afternoon.

I raced on Friday and ran 9:25.7 for the 3k, this is 40 second quicker than my old PB and I went through a mile in 4:52, and 1500m in 4:31. My PBs are 4:51 and 4:30 so they'll go very very soon. Ran 4:32 for the 1500m in the afternoon and was a decent quality run considering the mornings exertions.

Please feel free to sign the guestbook, I like finding out who comes onto these things :).

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