About me

I started out in Primary school trying to not be the slowest kid in the class. My first ever race was a 10k in 61:42 and it took me the best part of a decade to break 40 minutes.

After years of training I ended up clocking a 31:38 10k, 69:52 half marathon and a 2:31 marathon thanks largely to the efforts of initially Adrian Newman and later David Chalfen my two coaches.

My career highlight is winning the "B" British Universities 10,000m race for Oxford University in at the time a huge PB of 32:15.

Ever since I was a kid I've had a pretty insatiable desire to know how running worked and how to get better, whilst I'm still hoping to improve my own best times, I'm now pretty passionate about helping others achieve their best.

Professionally I'm a qualified accountant and tax advisor working for one of the big 4. All views are my own.


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