Thursday, April 23, 2009

Liz Yelling Names Baby Adidas

As regards Liz Yelling not running another marathon this article reckons she will.

"LONG-TERM PLAN: Liz Yelling is targeting next year's London Marathon - but not before she gives birth to her first child (Adidas)"

Looks like she probably didn't read the conditions of her last sponsorship contract properly. Nice publicity by Adidas though considering how much attention Isla gets at the finish line. That kid is going to get bullied like anything at school- though they'll probably be in the latest trainers.

I do hope Liz gets back to her best and runs well as she's definitely our number three marathoner at present behind Paula and Mara. Good luck to her with the pregnancy as well!


Anonymous said...

Get your facts right!

Bryn R said...

You mean she's not calling the kid Adidas??

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