Monday, November 24, 2014

Training Week Commencing 17th November

Monday: Rest day - Clapham Chasers AGM
Tuesday: Run to track, 6 x 800 over small hurdles (~2:50-55), run home (80)
Wednesday: 50 steady into work, 40 at lunch, 80 including Novice run (170)
Thursday: 36 at lunch including 10 x minute hard off 30 secs jog recovery - felt good albeit wasn't moving that fast, 52 home after promotion drinks - easy (88)
Friday: 44:41 steady into work (7:10mm), 45 easy home (90)
Saturday: Run home from CiRF (long way  - calf muscle on right leg struggling a bit) (90)
Sunday: Run back from course (quick way - calf seems better) (66)

Total: 584 minutes / ~ 74 miles

Nice to get a bigger volume week in and still injury-free. Struggled with getting sessions in this week but managed to include a bit of faster running into sections. Friday was a new "PB" on my commute of over a minute for what felt like the same effort so good progress.

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