Friday, March 13, 2015

Training Week Commencing 9th March

Monday - Wednesday: Absolutely sod all - busy at work and finishing stuff off before I went on holiday on Thursday. Very poor but my body probably did need a short break. 50 minute game of squash on Wednesday which definitely worked my body pretty hard and at least got some exercise in.

Thursday: Flew to Portugal - 30 minute very easy run.

Friday: AM 58 minutes steady (5 x 30 crunches and 5 x 8 push-ups), PM 60 including 8 x 2:30 hill off jog down recovery

Saturday: AM 96 steady w. drills, ( 5 x 8 press ups and 5 x 30 crunches) PM 60 easy/steady w. 2 hard hill sprints at the end.

Sunday: 126 steady - ran over to acoteias and did a lap- struggling over last couple of miles.

Total: 430 minutes / 55 miles 

Summary: Start of the week was obviously poor but once in Portugal I knuckled down and did some great training on my mini-training camp. I mostly stuck to the roads but there were 
some great hills along all the routes. 

Hoping this is the kick start I need to get my training fully back in gear. 

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