Monday, February 08, 2016

London Training Week 6 - Miles of Trials

Finally back to triple digits in mileage! That feels good and whilst the total is exactly 100 this wasn't forced as the long run happened to be the perfect distance to Cheshunt station on the way back to my parents to watch the Superbowl.

This week was good to get back into a routine. You can't overvalue the use of a routine when trying to train hard. Running into work each day this week (some longer) creates the foundation of a really good training week - especially when you're also running home.

Also pleasing is that the pace has naturally picked up this week - no noticeable increase in effort from me - I'm just finding on random runs that the pace is a bit faster and I'm moving better.

Whilst the week was a bit pedestrian (and I felt pretty rubbish on Thursday so no session) I did regularly include strides, including some longer (40 second) strides and generally felt like things were getting better.

The weekend however was probably one of my best training weekends in donkeys' years. A 10 mile steady run at high 7mm on Saturday got me nicely warmed up prior to running 6 x 870m reps on the road. I didn't focus on running these as fast as possible and instead just relaxed into the effort and felt pretty strong despite the miles. This meant I clocked a big 15 miles for Saturday. Following this up with a "standard" long run which I almost never do of 20 miles at mid-low 7mm on Sunday was very satisfying. Unfortunately having left it until late meant the weather was horrible and wet.

To increase my miles and reduce the pace is a good combination but this week may need to be easier on pace as I look to keep up the mileage.

Weight continues to drop and I've started to see the impact. Ideally I want to work towards a racing weight of 10 stone and 7 pounds but that's still a long way away so I'll evaluate as I go.

Training Table Week 6

Week Commencing Mileage Time Running Average Pace Key Sessions Longest Run Most Efficient Run Sunday Weight
28th December 2015
6h 22m
Newport XC
9.1 miles
952 BPM
11 st 13.25 lbs
4th January 2016
6h 57m
15 miles / 7:21mm
995 BPM
11 st 13 lbs
11th January 2016
8h 20m (+2h XT )
16 miles / 9:12mm
11 st 10.25 lbs
18th January 2016
9h 30m
(+ 6h XT )
9.7 miles / 8:36mm
11 st
8.5 lbs
25th January 2016
11h 40m
(+4h 45m XT )
10.8 miles / 7:57mm
11 st .7.5 lbs
1st February 2016
13h 30m
20.3 miles / 7:19mm
11 st .5.5 lbs

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