Friday, February 13, 2009

Onto the Boards

So. It's cold outside. Cold, wet and miserable. And icy.

With these thoughts in my mind and with my first speed endurance session of the year about to begin (and with a horrendous cold that has since been diagnosed as sinusitis) I opted to travel to London to run my session indoors as opposed to messing around on a cold and icy track.

WIth only sprinters, jumpers and misguided distance runners doing short sessions and Dane being ill I was left to run the session entirely by myself.

Session was 10 x 400 with 60 seconds recovery but covering 200m in that 60 seconds which isn't that slow! Target was around or just under 70 which is my 1500m PB pace. I'm in the shape right now I think to run much faster but this cold is really taking a hell of a lot out of me.

Anyways, running solo, with cold, in flats, indoors (trying to think of more excuses here...) I managed to average 69 seconds which whilst not great definitely hit the necessary areas.

But on a more wider view- it was fantastic to be training in a shorts and vest comfortably in the middle of winter. I really enjoyed training on the indoor track and think that particularly when you're trying to introduce speed work in then doing it indoors drastically reduces the risk of you pulling something. It's just a good idea and makes a really nice mental change.

I'm now hoping to race a bit indoors and hopefully run some PBs and just generally get back into a track mentality. My endurance has always been great so it's the speed that will make progress for me. When I get closer to my target event I will be doing sessions like 5 x k @3k pace or 8 x k @ 5k pace but for right now working on the speed will hopefully bring greater benefits later.

Also great to catch Horse and Carlisle warming down from their session and have a good natter.

No photo this time unfortunately!

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