Sunday, February 15, 2009

Training Week Commencing 9th Feb 2009

Hey people,

Before this weeks training just to say that if you are reading you can leave a comment below- always interesting to get people's feedback!

Mon: 60 easy. Still had the bad cold so I took the slow group as usual on a Monday night but due to the ice we ended up running with the fast group. Nice relaxed pace with a bit added on the end for those of us who needed more.

Tue: 20 wund 10 x 400 [200 in 60 sec recovery] Av. 69. Rather than do my first speed endurance session outdoors on a cold and icy track I decided to head into London and do it indoors in Lee Valley. Met old training partners Horse and Carlisle doing their warm-down after their session (our minibus trip took forever) and had a good natter with them. Session was generally okay given the cold was pretty bad. 10 x 400 @ PB 1500m pace with the fairly short recoveries is not a bad start.

Wednesday: AM 65 steady/easy - headed out to the golf course on club run and then did some extra felt pretty bad. PM 40 easy with Mike and Sean on Marston Ferry really struggled at points and clearly not well.

Thursday: Rest- was meant to be doing a session today but woke with a splitting headache and could barely move. Went to nurse and she diagnosed me with sinusitis and doctor promptly prescribed nose drops and antibiotics for if it got any worse

Friday: 60 easy with Jan. Lot better than yesterday but still in pain. Did a nice run up to Godstow and through the ruins.

Saturday: Hyde Park Relays 4th leg 16:44 unofficial Started in about 6th place overall I think as 4th leg on the B-team (would have been on A team but for the sinusitis). Breathing still screwed and didn't run particularly well. Didn't help that I was totally isolated apart from lapping runners and overtaking Stuart Brill from UEA who is an awesome 2/4 guy who to his credit always has a go at the longer stuff. Team of Jonny Pearson(-Stuttard?), Jamie Darling, Matt Hawcroft, Me, Anupam Das and Matt Johnson managed to get 4th place overall only being beaten by Ox Uni A team, Filthy Tabs and Bristol and the C team got 6th place! Considering we were missing Tom Samuels, Joe Mercer, Nick Howarth, Chris McGurk, Garrett Ash, Matt Simms (sorry anyone I've missed out!) we could feasibly have managed to put 4 teams in the top 6! Quadricep was sore on warm-up but didn't notice it during race but did during warm down so cut it short at ten minutes

Sunday: AM 80 steady/easy PM 25 easy Went on club run to SHotover in the morning and was really struggling badly despite a fairly pedestrian pace. Nose running like anything and getting dropped up Southparks Hills. Got lose on the way back and 70 minute run turned into 80 minutes. Evening run was much better all round.

Weekly total: 437 minutes/ 58 miles

On the whole a slighty dissappointing week but given the sinusitis I'm amazed I only dropped 13 minutes over the whole week. Could have made it up on the final run but decided that would be stupid. Whilst not particularly pleased with the session or the run at Hyde Park considering the illness which really is making me feel pretty bad, they are both satisfactory if not great. At least I know there's more to come!

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