Sunday, May 24, 2009

Training Week Commencing 18/5/2009

Well I guess I'm meant to do this some of the time. Training for this week- been really lax in putting it down recently but going to start again properly now.

Mon: rest
Tue: rest
Wed: Club run Sandford but got blister ~ 6-7 miles
Thu: track - 3 sets of 1200,800,400 [90,60,4 minutes] 1200s in 3:45,40,37 400s all ~65
Fri: 6.4/46:31/7:15 with Anupam- nature reserve and 2 laps- easy pace ~7:15 6.4 maybe 6.5
Sat: 6.4/41:11/6:26, 2 laps nature reserve- steady
Sun: 6.4/38:23/6:00, 2 laps nature reserve- steady, minor blister probably because had been barefoot all day. Left heel blister seems fine.
Weekly Mileage: low 30s.

Exams start tomorrow (today) so not going to get a chance to do an awful lot of running so hte plan is just to run this 6.4 mile loop most days at something like 6:15 per mile though depending on the exam it could be much quicker! 6.4 is the very rough estimate on gmaps but there is a wooded section which twists and turns a lot which I can't measure so maybe 6.5 miles. Great run as only probably half a mile total is on roads and the rest either a canal path or a trail around the nature reserve.

To the exams!

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