Sunday, May 31, 2009

Training Week Commencing 25/5/2009

Week Commencing 25/5/2009
Mon: 54 minutes easy up to Godstow and back through Nature reserve
Tue: Rest
Wed: nature reserve, breathing was totally messed up and not in a good way- really bad run, about 35 minutes
Thu: 15 warm up and down. 3 sets of 300@15,200@15,200@8 [60,300]. Times were a bit quick 46,31,27 45,30,48 45,29,28 but fairly pleased considering in exams.
Fri: One of those great runs - went out for a 40m jog and ended up doing 78 minutes, did a lap and a half around the nature reserve before heading up over th fields toGodstow and coming back down along the river before heading down the south-side of town. Really nice enjoyable run where I started out very relaxed but was really shifting by the end.
Sat: Rest- revising..ish
Sun: OUAC vs. OUCCC FOotball for about two hours. Decided any more running would stress the body out a bit too much seeing as I knocked a muscle in my back anyways.

Total time: Not nearly enough but ticking over just about. Need to get back running a bit more seriously this next week- this week I had 4 exam though so was always going to be a very poor week running-wise.

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