Friday, July 24, 2009

Injury et al.

Okay so after 2 weeks of fairly successful racing my injury eventually overcame me. I was improving with every run from Thursday to Sunday night. Sunday night's run I was actually okay and almost pain free with my quad and groin a lot better. I took Monday off and didn't run till Tuesday evening with the hope that I would be totally pain free. How wrong could I be? I was in complete agony far worse than anything yet. When I eventually got in to see the physio I found out I had a grade two muscle strain/tear on my adductor magnus.

I've gotten onto my stationary bike and doing an hour a day- will be up to 90 or so minutes next week and just been given the go-ahead to start running and got 5 minutes done today.

The message that comes though is this. When you've got a niggle- stop running. Even if the niggle is getting better in itself the net effect may be negative as your body is a set of links and chains and you'll be overcompensating elsewhere. The quad was due to my right ankle injury and the groin due to the quad.

In the long-term though it will possibly be helpful as I now have a variety of exercises designed to correct my biomechanical problems and hopefully solve the issue long term and make me a stronger runner so maybe there's a silver lining!

Part 2 of "Transition" out tomorrow!

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