Thursday, August 06, 2009

Training Week Commencing 29th June 2009

Week Commencing 29th June 2009
Mon: AM 40 easy PM 55 easy with Will Mackay around Wandlebury- nice run and good to have someone to chat with, even if he is a tab!
Tue: Rest
Wed: 15 minute warm-up, 27:53 5 miles 1st place MWRRL around Welwyn. Drifted clear of Paul Greaves with 800 to go. 15 warm down
Thu: 20 minute warm-up, 17:02 5k @ Haverhill, 1st, big group up steep first hill, pulled clear with another bloke overr 3rd k, he slowed and Harry Fowler caught us at 4k and I went clear with about 500m to go again easing clear, 15 minute warm down bare-foot on grass.
Fri: 40 min AM leg quite painful, 40 min PM leg an awful lot better and generally just a better run, 21 minutes on grass
Sat:AM 40 min easy leg not perfect but much better than yesterday PM 41:34 easy w. 24 minute barefoot on grass , leg better than yesterday but not as good as the morning. PMPM 30 mins cycling (15km) (367)
Sun: AM 60 easy PM 40 easy
Total: 467 minutes running 60 minutes cycling

I felt really good on the Sunday. Took a day off on Monday. When I ran on the Tuesday I struggled to run more than 3 minutes and was in a lot of pain- grade 2 muscle strain. A week later it was no better but then ater seeing a physio it loosened greatly and I was back doing short runs within a week of that.

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