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Training Week Commencing 20/07/2009 til Week Commencing 24/08/2009

Week Commencing 20/07/2009
Fri: Did massage + drills PM 20 minutes cycling
Sat: massage + drills 40 minutes cycling
Sun: 60 minutes cycling
Mon: 60 minutes cycling
Tue: 64 minutes cycling (32.18@56:03)
Wed: 70 minutes cycling (16.1 @ 26:30,40 in 70)
Fri: AM 5 minutes running- no pain but still didn't feel quite right PM 40 minutes cycling outdoors got soaked.
Sat: AM 7:39 running 1 mile. Groin still not right and little bit of pain at half way but better on way back PM 90 minute cycling 53km including 5 x 2 [1] hard.
Sun: AM 4:30 running better PM 90 minute cycle (50km)

Week(ish) Totals: Running: 13 minutes Cycling: 444 minutes Glad to get some decent work on the exercise bike done- looks like it'll be my main method of training for a while!

Week Commencing 27/07/2009
Mon: 90 minute cycling 48.8km
Tue: Rest
Wed: AM 8 minutes running , relatively pain free bar one short period 90 minutes cycling (45km), PM 10M TT on exercise bike (23:45 PB), 45 minutes total
Thu: AM 10 minutes running - actually pain free (aside from tripping up over a style...) best yet by some way. PM: 90 minutes 50.50km
Fri: AM 12 minutes running- again best yet and didn't feel anything but a tingle - stopped to stretch briefly at 6 PM 2:03 65.55km on exercise bike
Sat: Rest
Sun: 10 minutes totally pain free running with decent form! 120 minutes cycling inc. 3 x 5 hard (165-170), 5 rest

Total Running: 40 minutes Total Biking: 658 minutes
Total: 698 minutes

In terms of total training minutes, bar my 104 mile week, this is probably well up there.

Week Commencing 3rd August 2009
Mon: 18 minutes running
Tue: 23 minutes easy running 90 minutes cycling
Wed: AM 15 minutes easy running
PM 15 minutes easy running felt very tired so didn't cycle
Thu: AM 5 mins v. easy running
PM 135 cycling exercise bike (74.52km) inc. 5 x 2k (0.5k rec.), 2:47,45,41,40,29 all recs just over a minute. Last effort close to flat out.
Fri: AM 30 mins running, 60 mins cycling (32.22) PM (90 mins cycling 52.21km - interesting that this didn't feel too hard as my fastest steady ride yet over 90 minutes)
Sat: AM 40 mins running 60 mins cycling (32:22)
Sun: 120 minutes cycling (66km)
Total time running: 146 minutes Total Time Cycling: 555 minutes
Total time : 701 minutes

Week Commencing 10th August 2009
Mon: 38:30 running w. omega (5.3 7:15mm few light twinges), 90 cycling 48/9km
Tue: 40 easy/steady - couple of twinges but not too bad.
Wed: 45 steady - First 25 minutes v.good, next 10 minutes some twinges, last 10 fine.
Thu: 9 min warm up, 10:30 2 mile meant to be at 2 mile pace 5:13/5:17, 9 min warm down. No real twinges or problems. 100 mins cycling
Fri: Rest day
Sat: AM 30 minutes (4.2 miles) - 7:08 pace at reasonable clip PM 30 minutes at similar pace with 3 strides in. 90 minutes cycling (48km)
Sun: AM 35 minutes running at easy pace PM 32:30 with 2 miles at steady pace (6:00/5:40) very easy and relaxed. 75 minutes on exercise bike (40km)
Total Running Time: 279.5 Total Cycling Time: 355
Total: 634.5 minutes

Week Commencing 17th August 2009
Mon: 15 warm up and down, 12 x 400 (100 jog ~30 secs) 2 77s, 5 78s, 4 79s and a 72 to close. Felt good in first session back- was moving relatively smoothly and not struggling aerobically. Target was 80 so hauled self back in. 90 minutes cycling 51km
Tue: Really bad DOMS on inner hamstring area which struggled with.
Wed: Slightly easier but still in a lot of pain
Thu: 20 minutes recovery pace- in quite a lot of pain
Fri: 40 minutes easy/steady pace- moving well and no pain
Sat: 10 min warm up 10 x 750m grass loop (1 rec.) 2:25,24,23,23,22,23,24,21 Moving very easily and could have done quite a few more but kept it short so as to not aggravate groin, 10 min rec. PM 30 minute cycle (16.1)
Sun: AM 36:30 steady 5.7 miles avg. 6:24 but pace varied - very hot and legs just felt clumsy PM 36:30 recovery @ 8:14- 4.45 miles through forest around chickney and back by rugby club. Saw two foxes. Felt Wmuch better than earlier.
Total = 242 minutes running 120 minutes cycling

Week Commencing 24th August 2009
Mon: AM 39:30 easy to steady run 5.7 mile loop. Very hot. PM 36:30 easy running @8mm with OMEGA club - kicked in over final 150m to test groin and was absolutely fine.
Tue: 12 x 400 (2 minute loop) averaging 73s with a few 71 and 72s then a 1600 in 5:22 - all fairly relaxed w/u of 8 minute w/d 10 minutes
Wed: AM 42 minutes easy 7:42mm warm with a strong wind up the Valley and back by Rugby Club. Relaxed run and felt good. Left hamstring and right calf very slightly sore after session yesterday. After this run in the afternoon I felt a pain at top of my left groin so cancelled second run.
Thu: Rest day- just did 8 minutes to test groin and was fine. 40 minutes cycling 21.1km
Fri: Tempo run, 10 warm-up, 6k avg. 5:49 but dead on my feet almost from the start with last few k around 6mm, 8:30 warm down
Sat: AM 50 minutes easy inc. 8 x Canova Hill sprints PM 40 minutes easy @ 8mm
Sun: Progression run- 15 warm up, 2k@6:30 pace, 2k@6:00 pace, 2k@5:30 pace, 15 warm down
Total: 40 minutes cycling 354 minutes running (check total)

Week Commencing 31st August 2009
Mon: AM 40 easy @8mm inc. 8 x strides, 30 minutes cycling (16.77) PM 40 recovery @9mm ran with the lads from Omega but with Peter now living in Switzerland pace is much slower!
Tue: PM session at a very windy NR - 11 @ LT and was about 2 miles (82/lap) followed by 9 x 600 off 70 seconds averaging about 1:51/52 with a 1:46 chucked in the middle for a bit of fun 41:30 cycling 22.70km
Wed: 52 minutes easy with Martin avg. 7:58mm
Thu: 15 minutes warm-up + drills/strides, Cambridge 5k, 2nd place 16:15 - meant to be at tempo pace but probably ran too hard in the middle, sat back in the first k then started to take closer order and caught leaders at about 2k when Diarmont pushed clear- ran with him till about 4k with him consistently breaking and me closing the gap then over hte last k let him go. Could possibly have tried a little harder but with race on Sunday and knowing this was already too fast didn't want to do too much. Measuring on gmaps I got the race at 5.1km. 15 w.d. with Nick, Ian and Chris. Rumours of a Hereward team emerging...
Fri: Rest
Sat: 40 minutes easy around Cardiff inc. 8 x strides and then some drills. Surprised at how much of a valley Cardiff seems to be in - ran most of it uphill through some housing estates
Sun: Cardiff 10k- 15 warm up and then about 5 minutes of strides and drills. 33:14 - struggled to keep up over first 2k with Ben Paviour then dropped back slightly and ran with a Coventry Godiva runner for most of the way reeling in two Bristol runners. 11 warm down with various runners all much better than me! Not very pleased with the time- as fast as was possible given the amount of time I had to train but nowhere near where I wanted to be. A few months hard training will get me there I hope though... PM 20 minutes recovery and then drills

Week Commencing 7th September 2009
Mon: AM 38:30 2k warm up, 4k steady (4:07,4:24,3:52,3:53), 2k warm down + Drills
PM Meant to be 40 at recovery pace with jogging group but turned out to be 3 seperate handicap efforts. Took first one of 2.2 miles v. easy at 7:5x minute miling. Second one of 2.7 miles I started at around 6mm till halfway where I eased off and ran in at 7:30mm. Last one of 1.6 miles I hit relatively hard at around 5:20 minute miling over undulating terrain. 43:01 avg. 6:36mm followed by a pint from the local brewery.
Tue: AM 40:40 avg 9:27mm (recovery) + Drills
PM 44:13 Easy/Tempo/Easy run k splits (4:50,4:32,4:40,4:24,3:29,3:10,3:01,3:36,3:43,4:30,3:32,0:40) avg 6:24mm Went out very relaxed with Nigel's group watching Chris/Nick disappear into the distance and at the dog leg roughed out they had about 2 minutes on me. Accelerated to catch them and splits show how I ran to reel them in then gradually eased off once I caught them with the last 2k relatively easy (3:32 is very very misleading for last k as it's a very significant descent for the entire k)
Wed: AM Drills!
PM: 15 wu and wd + drills and strides 3 x 3.6k @ 80/lap [3 minute one lap jog] 11:57,11:59,11:57 - hard work on the track but thankfully had Noel and Richard dropping in and out (apart from a superb effort by Noel on the second). Really pleased as these were very under control.
Thu: Rest day- AM Drills PM 38:00 cycling (21.8km)
Fri: AM 52:28, 2k warm up, 8k @ LT (3:35-3:40), 2k warm down. (3:40,3:35,3:39,3:31,3:35,3:32,3:16*,3:31) Mum decided she wanted to come along on the bike so got her to carry some water but didn't have cap on right so she lost most of it! Felt good for most of it- not totally smooth but not bad either. AVG: 3:32 (aka 2:29:26) in trainers
Sat: 15 min warm up 3 sets of 5 x 20 second hill (jog down) with 3 minutes inbetween. 10 min warm down
Sun: 90 minutes 20km averaging 7:35 split into 30 easy, 30 steady, 30 easy. K splits of Easy (5:14,5:35,5:06,5:16,5:05,4:35) Steady(4:13,4:18,3:44,4:21,4:13,3:27,3:41) Easy(4:53,4:52,4:59,5:24,5:14,5:03,0:41).

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