Sunday, September 20, 2009

Training Week Commencing 14th September 2009

Training Week Commencing 14th September 2009

AM Did 50 recovery with 8 x Canova Hill sprints (9 seconds flat out)
PM 52 easy averaging 7:49.
PM PM 30 mins Ex. Bike 16.88km

PM 10 minute warm-up, 5 x 6.5@10k pace [90] 10 min warm down. AVG ~78/lap Was absolutely tipping it down with rain. First one averaged about 79 and was really struggling with vest constricting breathing. Then with vest off and Hugh turning up was running much better and most reps were either over or just before the 2k mark. Good session- pleased.

AM 40 recovery AVG 9:06 ~7km Felt really dull on this run and body didn't wake up at all till after half way (6:14,5:54,5:42,5:39,4:10,5:53,5:58,0:28)
PM 60:12 steady AVG 6:43 ~14km + Drills Meant to be an easy run but body was struggling to run that slow so let it have it's way and went faster. Very good run. Hamstrings felt tight at the end. (4:25,4:39,4:21,4:18,4:07,3:58,4:06,4:07,4:01,4:09,4:03,4:09,3:56,4:03,1:44)

AM 30 recovery ~8:30
PM 15 w/u and w/d Strides + Drills 28:21 AVG 5:42 tempo plan was to start at 90/lap and cut down by a second per lap every two laps- didn't quite manage it but a good effort and general trend is there... Very pleased to see Adam run a huge PB over 5 miles with 28:41. (88,86,90,87,86,86,88,86,86,85,84,84,82,83,84,83,80,82,81,80)

Rest- legs itching to run

AM 7:30 warm up,Hills all with jog down recovery 4 x 24 secs, 1 x 70, 5 min jog, 5 x 45, 5 min jog, 4 x 24, 1 x 68 7:30 warm down (45)
PM 34 recover @8:23 - unplanned but legs felt real antsy and just had to get out and run for a bit.

Sun: 90 easy/steady with Lee and Matt around St. Albans. Really nice run and some good athletics banter. Pace varied as various niggles played up so we were going at mid-low 6s for most the first half and the second half was a fair bit slower. Felt really good at the pace and moving well up the hills.

Running total: 512.5 Cycling Total 30

Really good week and my highest mileage since about February I reckon with exams, niggles and the groin. Saturday I actually wasn't able to resist going for a 34 minute unscheduled recovery run and it was difficult on Sunday as well! Very pleasing Tempo run and session on Tuesday at New River. Not perhaps the best sessions I've ever posted but Tuesday was good volume in horrendous conditions and Thursday was very pleasing with how easy it felt. Really pleased and now a slightly easier week in prep for the 6 stage.

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