Friday, October 02, 2009

Week Commencing Monday 21st September 2009

AM 42 minutes recovery running ~8:10mm felt pretty crappy and just bleurgh
PM 15 w/u inc. strides. 8 x km (200m/65 second recovery) 15 minutes warm down, was doing this with two of the younger ones Ed and Dave and also Adam. Started off at ~76 pace and ran a 3:07 but they were all struggling badly so slowed it down to 78s with a 3:13, still struggling so again to 3:17 and they just about stayed with that so next one was 3:19, then took a slightly longer walk recovery (was struggling to get them jogging the recoveries) and at this point Ed/Adam were going to alternate doing half with full reps and Dave was only going to do 2 more. 5th one in 3:04 with Dave taking it on quite hard. Then slowed back down again with a 3:20 before a solo 3:08 before finally me and Dave pushed the last one (him having taken last two reps out) and running 3:03. So 3:07,3:13,3:17,3:19,3:04,3:20,3:08,3:03 very inconsistent but it helped out the lads and gave me a nice taste of running a bit quicker.

AM 49:30 recovery
PM 44 alternating kms. Easy kms in about 4:30, hard kms in about 3:20 avg. pace around 6:30 on a hilly route.

15 minute warm up and down. 6 x 2000 @ 80s per lap with a 90 second jog recovery. 6:38, 6:36, 6:37, 6:38, 6:38, 6:32. Really quite pleased with this session - good volume and intensity and the last two laps felt very easy.

51 minutes easy - 8:17/mile with 8xCanova Hill Sprints (10 seconds) Moving okay but not great.

Rest day

40 minutes steady (39:48) in the dark with Nike Zoom Road Explosions. Seemed to be working very hard for a slow pace. Maybe just the dark.

15 warm up, SoE Road Relays 19:47 (9:41/10:06), 15 warm down

Total: 415 minutes / 55 miles

A low week which served as a pseudo-easier/recovery week. I'm relatively pleased with the 19:47 as it is a substantial improvement from 2005: (20:12) 2006:(20:48) 2007:(20:50) and off very limited training. Looking at some of the names I was running with there are some quicker runners there and hopefully a few more solid weeks training and I'll be closing in on others.

Special mention to Matt Carlisle for absolutely destroying his leg and to Pony for running 4th quickest leg of the team despite being weeks into his recovery from injury.

I reckon a rough conversion of about 4 minutes to 5k time. At least for the slower runners. Maybe that's wrong though. If it is close to that it'd show I'm in PB shape for my comparatively poor 3000/5000/5 mile/10kmR/10 Mile/Half marathon shape but still a bit off my 1500m/10,000m PBs.

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