Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Training Week Commencing 14th December 2009

AM: Rest - I'm a lazy sod- this week is intended to be a much easier week given Telford on Sunday. Then the snow came as well and I was lazy...

PM: 42:56 v. slow with Striders for Tinsel run - see below photo! Did one km fast in middle.

PM: 7.2km TT at Stortford - aim was to guess how long it'd take you (no watches or GPS allowed!) - my guess of 24:30 was almost dead on as I ran 24:29 but one person managed to get it dead on so only second! Well clear of rest and ran a fairly relaxed 5:30 pace on a very hilly course. 17 wd with Phil.

AM: 61 easy at 7:56mm


AM: 40:22 recovery pace at 8:09mm

AM: Telford 10km- big target race for last 3 months and sub 32 attempt cancelled due to ice- to be fair was icy as hell. Huge CNBA for rest of day.

Total: 186 minutes (~25 miles)

Summary: Wow- didn't realise this had been such a paltry week- even by my standards - think body probably needed a break from running after 3 very hard weeks and when tapering for a race or on a rest week I find it very hard to run- still poor though!

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