Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Training Week Commencing 7th December 2009

AM: 30 recovery at 8:31mm
PM: 74:04 steady at 6:32mm - progressive- started at ~7:30 and closing last few miles in ~6:00.

AM: 40 at 8:33mm
PM: 72 minutes including session of 400,600,800,1000,1000,800,600,400 with generous recoveries (90 seconds to 3 minutes)- splits were roughly 400s : 65/66, 600s 1:42 (68), 800s 2:21 (70ish...), 1000s 3:00/2:59 (72). Bit dissappointed despite the fact the pace was fairly good that my legs weren't moving quick (no real lactic or hard breathing- the legs just weren't moving!) until I actually totted my mileage up and realised since Sunday lunchtime I'd run 43 miles including this session.

AM: 40 recovery at 8:40mm
PM: 29 easy at 8:05mm with Lloyd from work.

AM: 39 recovery at 8:33mm
PM: 25:43 warm-up, Stevenage 5km 15:51, 16:40 warm-down. Splits of 3:16,09,07,09,09 - marginal PB but this course was much tougher than the previous one (this course is worth~20 seconds to track) - unfortunately misread the finish and so was just gearing up for a 50-100m all out blast after we turned the corner when unfortunately turned the corner and the finish looked to be there as there was a clock so slowed down- only to realise finish was actually about 2m further on! Wouldn't have cost me more than a few seconds but there were 3 people about 2 seconds ahead of me!

PM: Long day at work followed by 120 steady @ 6:53mm (17.46 miles) - probably my longest run ever and quite pleased with the pace- tough work though and going to be interesting trying to lower it down to 6mm for the same duration.

AM: 41 at 7:27mm

AM: 18 wu, Sunday League XC - 3rd 34:50/6.11m/5:42mm 15 wd. Didn't try and chase Lee and Nick Torry when they dissappeared- stuck with Steve Harrison of FVS Tri- about 18/19 minutes in he tried to break me- covered it and then he slowed substantially- after Hugh Torry caught up I broke away and got about 50m which held till the end- nice run and not working that hard - that said neither were Nick or Hugh!

Total: 612 minutes / ~82 miles

Summary: Good week with a solid 5k and a decent Sunday league. Particularly pleasing to knock out the two hour run so well. Also the interval session was very reasonable. Third week of a very hard block that I've never trained so well for- 72/83/82 is definitely a higher level than usual and especially combining it with such good sessions.

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