Monday, August 27, 2012

Training Week Commencing 27th August 2012

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: wu, 8x800 off 80 (2:43, 37, 37, 37, 39, 38, 34, 28) AVG: 2:37
Wednesday: 30 minutes easy
Thursday: rest
Friday: rest
Saturday: 45 jog - had an odd bit when really struggled to breathe when tried to run hard AM; PM rest - was planning an easy jog but after I got back my left quad had a really sore patch (the proverbial 'dead leg') so decided that given the morning I would ease off.
Sunday: 45 run - felt much better than yesterday but kept it relatively easy due to still sore quad.

Tuesday session was deliberately running easier. Session felt really good and big sign of the progress made over the past 2 months that I can call that easy.

This week was exam week with 5 professional exams so any training was a bonus. I thought doing university exams were hard when I took them but in comparison they were actually pretty easy. The sheer amount of work I can end up doing on the intensive course is pretty shocking.

I don't know how many who read this still have to do exams or are already done but in training terms they are killers. Not just because your training gets disrupted but because of the mental and physical toll.

Last time around I tried to do a couple of races immediately afterwards. I was awful. Went off at a normal pace for the first km and then died a death in a 5km and then in a half a few days later went through 8 miles at a similar pace to the 5km before the same thing happened.

So I've taken it much easier these last two weeks and can now ramp it up again.

Quad issue is annoying but should be fine in a few days. As you'll realize I'm incredibly cautious about injuries having spent so much time injured in the past 8 years.

Now off for a week in the sun in Portugal. Week with Hayley at Stella Maris hotel on the coast at Albufeira. I've been once before at 18 and it was a great two weeks with lots of fantastic running along the coast.

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