Sunday, February 17, 2013

Training Week Commencing 11th February 2013

Monday: 4 easy miles AM; PM 6 easy/steady miles ~7:15mm with Chasers  (10)

Tuesday: wu, 2 x 3600m (60) (12:56 [5:44] / 12:23 [5:30]), wd (9)

Wednesday: Rest - shin sore so moved rest day up one.

Thursday: long wu, mile hard (0.75 recovery), wd (6)

Friday: Rest - shin sore so took additional rest day.

Saturday: warm-up, steady lap BP, tempo-lite lap BP (6:09mm), warm-down (6)

Sunday: wu, 18.6 steady (7:09mm), wd (20.5)

Total: 51.5 Miles

Another not great week but definitely an improvement on the previous one. The one issue with getting in quite long Sunday runs is that they can flatter your training week's mileage to a certain extent. 40 miles a week is probably enough for some people but if 23 miles of that is single long run then your training won't be great and I think this can be a trap a lot of amateur marathoners can fall into. I think the Hansons or one of their athletes has written a training guide based on this.

With a low-level virus/cold all week (tickling the back of my throat and just not going away or developing into something more tangible), my hip flexor/groin issue on the left leg still causing a few niggles and my shin marginally sore at the start of the week I'd got the excuses in early.

I was pretty much okay until after the session on Tuesday. As Chasers were doing 4x mile off a 90 second recovery I was planning to run steady in the group for each rep and just carry on through for the rest lap at 85-90 second pace before joining on again. This would give me a really good work-out and let me run with the group. Unfortunately as I came through after the first mile as I entered the backstraight I saw the group setting off as they'd taken a slightly shorter recovery from the lead runner.  I pushed a little bit more in the next mile to catch the group and then took the middle recovery and it ended up as 2 longish reps rather than a 5 mile straight tempo. Unfortunately jogging home my shin was tight as anything.

Took Wednesday as recovery. Thursday I ran over to set the group off and it really wasn't in a good state so I called it after 1 lap of the park. The pain was feeling worryingly deep. Friday was again to recover - Hayley did me a very deep massage on my muscles and as the pain disappeared it was fairly clear that it was muscular rather than anything in the bone (big relief - although past experiences have led me to believe this is regularly the case). Saturday was a bit better as I took Hayley for her first semi-serious effort after surgery although still a bit sore but another massage and Sunday went really well as I knocked out 20 miles. First 9 or so miles were pretty relaxed but the last 9 were all very low or sub 7mm bringing the pace down.

Hopefully with some more massage and foam rolling I can get myself into decent nick and get another block of good training in now.

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