Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Training 2nd February to 1st March 2015

Okay so the last few weeks I haven't posted a great deal as I've been going through some personal stuff which I don't plan to share on here!

Suffice to say for February

Week Commencing 2nd February

Maybe 240 minutes / 30 miles - no sessions. Reasonable run at the XC on the Saturday.

Week Commencing 9th February

Maybe 330 minutes, 40-45 miles - no sessions.

Week Commencing 16th February

Monday: Run into Westminster, run home (85)

Tuesday: Run into Westminster, run home (85)

Wednesday: Run into Westminster, hard run at lunch (65)

Thursday: Run at lunch (32)

Friday: Ill - no run

Saturday: National XC - 48:12 - 416th place - 3rd Clapham Chaser - good run (50)

Sunday: 95 relatively easy (95)

Total: 412 minutes / 52 miles

Week Commencing 23rd February

Monday: 35 easy to Westminster, 56 easy home - quad / hip flexor a bit sore (91)

Tuesday: 35 easy to Westminster, 114 home fairly slow - legs very tired from National still. (149)

Wednesday: 35 at lunch - easy out then moderately fast on the way back with Dan; 75 easy running to BP and then taking the novice group. (110)

Thursday: 54 steady home (had laptop) (54)

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 54 steady to tempo (easy to BP, 3 laps (11:04, 10:54, 9:54), drills + easy home) (54)

Sunday: 78 steady around Tooting / Clapham / Battersea - drills after. (78)

Total:  536 minutes / ~65 miles

Summary: Slower week on the whole as I recovered from the effort of the National which definitely was tough work. Legs gradually started to recover at the weekend and I was quite please with my Sunday effort. Saturday I was really pleased to clock my first sub 10 lap of the park in a while - difference was getting up on my toes and this made a huge difference although the work involved in strengthening my achilles so I can do this on a regular basis will be tough.

Volume was slightly lower than intended so hopefully this week I'll be able to hit something in the high 70s / low 80s.

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