Thursday, January 29, 2015

Training Week Commencing 25th January 2015

"Good things come slow - especially in distance running" - Bill Dellinger

Monday: AM: 38 easy with Hayley to Westminster PM: 58 easy leading the Chasers novice run (96)

This is one of those odd days you get when you run a lot where as far as you're concerned it's a really easy day as all you're doing is two easy runs but you're actually covering quite a lot of miles. Legs really stiff after a tough weekend - really pleased that I got the quality work in but now need to give them a few days of R&R (or at least easier running). Hopefully will be back with fresher legs in time for Thursdays session. 

Tuesday: AM: 36 easy with Hayley to Westminster PM: 54 easy home + strength and conditioning workout (90)

Doing better with the early starts now and really feeling like my run in each morning is just part of the routine. Quads are still a bit sore after the XC but definitely improving and the blister from the race appears to have settled. Late day at work doing some research and preparing a training session. Nice that the run home felt very "routine" as well and the quads are recovering by the run - a good sign that after 5 weeks I'm adapting to the volume. 

Wednesday: AM 51 easy into work with Hayley PM 32 recovery with Dorene and Will at lunch (83)

Few more miles in the bank - was going out for dinner with Tun and his girlfriend Hazel in the evening so no chance for a triple day again. Nice to get some miles in at lunch - weather was bloomin' awful at the start of the run but cleared up. Meal at Dishoom was fantastic in the evening although a very long wait to get seated...

Thursday: AM Rest PM long wu, 3 x 2 medium BP laps at MP off 90 seconds (avg. 9:30 per lap / 6:22mm) (120)

Details of the session can be found here. 6 seconds per lap faster than two weeks ago with the extra lap and recovery only every other lap rather than every lap. Taking the train into work in the morning helps remind me why its so nice to run in most days - horrible queueing at Waterloo for the tube!

Friday: AM 43 very easy to Westminster (43)

Ankles stiffened up quite badly overnight so this was a painful run for the first 5 minutes or so. On the plus side it's stiffness without any achilles damage and once it warmed up it was fine but clearly I need to avoid it going forward. I think it has been caused by tightness in the small muscles around the ankles so will be loosening them up and seeing if that helps. No rest day this week but today wasn't a strain at all aerobically. 

Saturday: AM 59 minutes easy over a very muddy Wandsworth Common PM 44 minutes easy with Hayley over Wandsworth Common with 6 x hard strides + strength and conditioning workout (103)

Far too excited about the Good Wife season 5 coming out on Netflix and the first 5 episodes have been some of the best of the series. Again - more easy running - this is going to be my biggest volume week in a while which I'm pretty pleased about. My body all week has been recovering from the Southern cross which shows I put in a really good effort there. Slight soreness on my left ankle has slowed the pace a bit following Thursday's session - am doing some remedial massage work and in future weeks will be alternating the direction of the reps so as to get a good balance. Added in a bit of light speedwork in the afternoon and was good to get moving fast whilst on the grass so minimising impact. 


Total: 535 minutes to Saturday afternoon.


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