Sunday, June 19, 2016

Training Week Commencing 13th June 2016

Time to get the weekly blog going again... It's pretty good as an honesty check for me.

Monday: Crazy sprint from work to get to the start line of the Sri Chinmoy 5k in Battersea Park. Set out fast to try and get a decent time but legs started to really struggle with my quads almost quivering in the final mile or so. Really pleased with how it felt aerobically though as that's one of the best first kms I've ever had. Greenleaf whizzed by at the 3km mark to take the win. (4.4 @ 7:16, 3.1 @ 5:10 (16:01 - split 5:04, 5:05, 5:24?!, 4:40 pace for the sprint), 1.7 @ 8:08) followed by 50 minutes easy turning the legs over on the exercise bike. [9]

Tuesday: Steady run at lunchtime around Southwark Park plus drills ( 5 @ 7:15) ;  Late run home from work (9.5 @ 7:18) [14.5]

Wednesday: 10 easy miles into work with Martin via the Towpath and Hyde Park (glorious morning for it) (10 @ 7:54) ; Easy run home from work (10k @ 7:20mm) [16.5]

Thursday: Neck cricked overnight - tried to run home from work and it was painful every other stride - did 2 hours cross-training on the exercise bike just turning the legs over. [0]

Friday: 5 miles steady at lunch with drills (5 @ 7:15); Followed a great evening out at the Twenty20 cricket game between Surrey and Middlesex with a short jog home. Unfortunately it started it hammering it down on the way back when it had been lovely seconds before (5k @ 7:27) [8]

Saturday: 8 easy/steady on the towpath (8 @ 7:02mm); 5 easy with Gaby (5 @ 7:08mm) [13]

Sunday: 8 comprising a warm up, attempt at the Richmond 10km, feeling sorry for myself until Gemma picked me up and ran around with her helping in a very small part to her clocking a 20 second PB; 5 easy with Gaby (5 @ 7:33) [13]


75.6 miles / 9h 11m (12 with X-training) / 7:17mm AVG / 5k @ 16:01 / No long run / 11 st. 7.5 lbs.

Interesting week - I was a bit disappointed with the 5k but could see the positives on a very hot and muggy evening. The 10k really disappointed me but I know exactly what happened. I tried to wear some zero drop uber lightweight racing shoes and my feet just couldn't handle it. I was slapping the road from the start and as I couldn't get up on my forefeet with no cushioning I couldn't run on my toes and so all the impact was going straight up my back. When the laces went as well I knew I was done. Luckily I stopped before I did too much damage.

The general pace of my training runs has gone up so I'll see how that progresses and need to make sure I keep an eye on it. On the otherhand way better than New York where my legs just felt dead.

Lovely to have Gaby back for some runs! Mileage was a bit low this week but did at least get some x-training in to make up for that!


W/C 13/06/16 - 75.6 miles / 9h 11m (12 with X-training) / 7:17mm AVG / 5k @ 16:01 / No long run / 11 st. 7.5 lbs.

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