Monday, July 03, 2017

Training Week Commencing 26th June 2017

Monday: Absolutely nothing. Early start at work followed by a busy lunch. Went ring shopping in the afternoon and went for dinner afterwards. Gaby somehow managed to get a run done afterwards but I was just sleepy. Think the lack of sleep over the weekend was catching up with me.

Tuesday: Double day! 0.5 to the station. 0.5 home. Yeah – no excuse for this one other than it was raining in the evening and I really didn’t fancy it.

Wednesday: Jog into the office from Waterloo; Easy 4 at lunchtime (133bpm / 8:34mm) ; Run to track and a few strides – 1500m race (4:32) going out way too fast then a 3000m race  (9:55) which was well paced but my legs were just dead – basically a tempo.

Thursday: Jog to Westminster with Martin stopping at the track for a few 400s (~76) pacing him around his session – only did 5 and then the Achilles was playing up; Easy home after work (144 bpm / 7:37mm)

Friday: Easy in with Jazz at about 9mm; easy home with a few long strides via North bank and BP (139 bpm / 7:24mm)

Saturday: 20 with a pace change every 5 miles – meant to be 8 / 7:30 / 7 / 6:30 but worked out at 7:28 / 7:28 / 7:01 / 6:19mm  (152 bpm / 7:04mm)

Sunday: Easy (slightly hungover) 5 with Gaby to pick up the car ( 136 bpm / 8:02mm); 10 steady(ish) with Gaby around the Common after the long drive back (141 bpm / 7:32mm)

Total: 10 hours / 78 miles


After a poor start to the week I started getting back into the groove from Wednesday onwards. The 1500m was a great rust-buster to get me back running fast on the track again – my Achilles really struggled but some good massage work helped loosen it up. The 20 miler on Sunday was really helpful – with a slightly hilly course. Looking at the HR data my last 5 miles were practically at full on race effort despite not being *that* fast. That’s interesting to see as I’ve always historically written off running hard at the end of a long run as just a very hard way to run a few not-that-fast miles. Knowing those miles are (to my body) feeling like a tough tempo run definitely encourages me to carry on and do it again.

This week I’ve got the JP Morgan challenge, potentially an Assembly League and the marathon at the end of Long Course Weekend – should be a fun one!

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