Monday, July 17, 2017

Training Week Commencing 10th July 2017

Training Week Commencing 10th July 2017

This week was a substantial step forward from last week with the session / strides / steady, “Triple S” formula working really well.

The week started poorly (as always) with a bad couple of days. A long trip back from Tenby in Wales meant that my evening run was relatively short although I did manage to add in my strides after the hill session on Sunday evening.

Tuesday was a total write-off – I had a tough day at work and by the time it finished I was not in the mood for a run. I’ve been moving to a slightly healthier diet over the past few weeks but today I went straight back and had a big Indian with Gaby. Definitely needed and very tasty.

Wednesday I started actually doing some training… A quick trip to the awesome Running Works to use up my voucher from the London Bridges Relays gave me a good reason to pop out at lunch and I came away with a fab new pair of very colourful socks, with nice red and black highlights for when I’m racing for HHH. The evening had a decent steady at 159 bpm for 6:34mm for 45 minutes.

Thursday was an easy lunch run at a reasonable pace. The evening I popped out with Ed for a run back and we managed to get in two Pokemon raids (yes, we are children) and then a really short sharp session on the Common. Ed and I worked really well together as we sprinted a lap of a cricket pitch (not round, more obloid and with a couple of tree branches nearly knocking us out) and then jogged a lap. We gradually ramped up the pace and by the end were going great runs as we cut the reps from 60 seconds down to 54.

Friday I enjoyed my usual run in with Jazz before heading out to Carshalton and Oaks Park to do a good hour. Rob tried to kill us all going through nettles but we survived and enjoyed the pretty lavender fields. Kev then moaned a lot about doing his strides but he (reluctantly) got them done before being allowed a beer at the pub whilst the midges feasted on his bald pate.

For the weekend we were back off to Wales (yes – we had only just got back I hear you say!) as we went to Tyddyn Llan in Llandrillo for Gaby’s mum’s 70th. A fantastic venue nestled in the Welsh hills with superb food. I was pleased to knock out a decent steady on the roads. After last week’s tough effort in Tenby where I really struggled to get my heart rate up to 150, this week I felt much better and averaged 159 over a nice rolling out and back route. I was pleased with an average pace of 6:29 heading out but the overall averaged of 6:22 was definitely a step forward from both last weekend and Wednesday.

After far too much good food and company, we came back the next day slightly hungover and Gaby boshed out a decent 60 minute effort with her broken shoulder before I headed over to Battersea Park and did 6 reps of the bigger cricket pitch. These started at 70 seconds and came down to 64 seconds with a lap of jogging inbetween. I was pleased to really push these hard and was feeling the lactic a lot earlier than I had done on Thursday’s session. I was also pleased I decided to do this very short and sharp session as I was thinking about doing a 20 minute tempo on the way over but decided to stick with the work on my running mechanics.

So – good week. Decent mileage and whilst I didn’t hit my 12 hour target, thinking about it got me to an average of 90 minutes running per day. This week I’ve got a Rosenheim league race on Wednesday night and will carry on trying to improve the speed with (hopefully) over 11 hours of running.

Log below:-

Training Week Commencing 10th July 2017

Monday Evening: Hour easy with 6 x strides  ( 73 minutes / 7:58mm / 9.23 miles)

Wednesday Morning: Station ( 4 minutes / 8:55mm / 0.51 miles)

Wednesday Lunch: Trip to Running Works to redeem voucher and buy socks! ( 17 minutes / 8:34mm / 2.05 miles)

Wednesday Evening: Run home with 45 minutes steady (159 bpm  / 6:34mm) in the middle ( 75 minutes / 7:13mm / 10.37 miles)

Thursday Lunch: Easy lunch run ( 37 minutes / 7:37mm / 4.87 miles)

Thursday Evening: 8 x 1 cricket boundary hard off 1 cricket boundary easy recovery plus 2 x Pokemon Raids - good evening with Ed! ( 84 minutes / 7:21mm / 11.54 miles)

Friday Morning: Early Morning Jazz ( 61 minutes / 9:09mm / 6.64 miles)

Friday Evening: Bryn and Bob Go For A Run - Oaks Park edition - hour easy with Rob, Kev and Dan(ny) + 6 x strides ( 60 minutes / 8:08mm / 7.02 miles)

Saturday Morning: Little shuffle with Gaby before the drive to Wales - heel a bit sore ( 30 minutes / 9:09mm / 3.32 miles)

Saturday Evening: Back in Wales! Warm up then an hour steady over rolling terrain (159 bpm / 6:22mm). Felt strong. Surprised at pace. ( 85 minutes / 6:06mm / 12.58 miles)

Sunday Evening: 70 easy with Gaby then 6 x large cricket field lap hard off a lap jog (70, 67, 68, 67, 65, 64) ( 102 minutes / 7:07mm / 13.22 miles)

Total: 10 hours and 32 minutes / 81 miles

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