Monday, March 28, 2005

Daily Training

Did a 4 mile training run and for only the second time since last september I was able to run in a vest, and for the first time in shorts. Only did 4 miles as today is meant to be a relatively low mileage day in order to recover for higher mileage but chucked a few strides in for good measure. Training seems to be going well and I've accomplished the first of my pre-season aims, now to head for the others. I think if I start timing as many runs as possible then it'll give me a better idea about how I'm doing overall as the times gradually pick up. So far the Lydiard schedule is working fine but it'll be interesting to see how I adapt to it in the later stages.

I-pod shuffle is brilliant to run with and really helps break up the long runs. I need to stop accelerating whenever eye of the tiger starts playing though!

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