Sunday, June 07, 2009

Week Commencing 1/06/2009

Another poor week- some athletes only manage to post when doing well but for me it's only when I'm on a shocker!

Mon: Rest
Tue: Rest
Wed: warm up, 5k in 15:52 pacing Michelle with a 66 last lap- pushed too hard on the first 200
Thu: rest
Fri: 45 easy 6.4 miles absolutely tipping it down in buckets.
Sat: Nothing
Sun: Nothing- revising
Total/Review: another piss poor week unfortunately but I'll get a jog in tomorrow- be hopelessly drunk on Tuesday and then hopefully be back into full training by next Monday with next week being a case of just gradually getting my body used to running again.

On the plus side my body's niggles should now be totally gone allowing a serious push towards some big PBs - most importantly usually this period of 3 weeks or so would be spent totally injured most years - as it is I don't think I've had a week with no running since the end of September despite some niggles but I think I'm getting better at managing them.

A few weeks of 20 is better than one more week of 60 and then a month or more (usually more for me) of no running whatsoever. These will probably be the worst weeks of my life in terms of stress so not surprising the running will take a bit of a dip! If it was for longer I would have concentrated more on getting some training in but as it is it's a useful break to get me ready for a push towards the Autumn and Winter with maybe a few track races thrown in as well.

Diet has also gone to pot so I've put about a stone on but that'll fly off when I start running miles again. I work in a very odd (and potentially dangerous) reverse equilibrium in that when I'm running a lot I often don't eat a huge amount but when I'm not running I really big out...

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