Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Training 15th June-28th June and Stortford 10 Race Report

Week Commencing 15th June 2009

Mon: rest
Tue: 64 minutes at a decent clip with Sean, Anthony (met for first time), Tash and Alex.
Wed: 10 minute warm up, Hilly mile- won comfortably
Thu: Rest - leaving OUCCC party - was truly awesome.
Fri: 10 minute warm-up, Champion miler track handicap race- result irrelevant, won champion mier series. Then beer mile, won in a comfortable 6:21 with a double chunder but clear by over a minute. Marstons Pedigree was the name of the game.
Sat: 40 minutes easy
Sun: 10 minute warm-up, Henham 10k, won in 35:10 over very tough terrain, tempoed with 2 others till just before 8k then kicked clear over rthe space of about 400m and cruised it in

Week Commencing 22nd June 2009
Mon: Down with a really sore throat and general grogginess having slept something like 20 out of the last 24 hours. Ran at Omega as was Pete's last night before he moves to Switzerland. 25:56 @ 6:45mm
Tue: AM 38:30 easy as still suffering generally with mum alongside on bike. PM 59:30 at 7:30mm but horrendous terrain and a fair few breaks to ask "where the hell are we?" more like 7mm and closing at low/sub6mm for the last mile and a half.
Wed: AM 40 easy- much faster and easier than yesterday PM 40 easy
Thu: PM: 60 w. 25m warm up, 10m warm down and 10 x minute hills (90 jog down)
Fri: 75 easy inc. 5@tempoish and 10 barefoot around rugby club
Sat: 40 easy inc. 15 barefoot around rugby club, hamstring/groin issue still playing up a bit. Would have done a second run but realised would go over 450 which didn't want to do for first week back.
Sun: 15 easy warm-up, 10 miles, 58:41, worked on the same principle as last week. Race was a 10k and a 10 mile and again just sat in before easily surging clear then relaxing again. 8 minutes warm-down. Would have done more but thought I'd lost my wallet.
Total: 451, first decent week- only bad thing was the hamstring/groin playing up but doesn't seem to be getting worse.

Stortford 10 Race Report:

Race started at a slowish tempo going through first k in 3:30 and first mile in 5:40 but then it sped up going through 2k in about 6:45, 3k in 10:10 and 2 miles in 10:53 though slightly downhill. Shortly after that we went from decent road onto completely awful terrain- mostly tracks and the sides of fields. By this point the race had it seemed been whittled down to 2 of us. Me and Grant Ramsey from Barnet and District- a very enthusiastic bloke who's taken up the steeplechase and regularly travels around the country to the cross-challenge fixtures. I lurked behind him as we went around the country-side (fairly amiably, commenting to each other how how it was etc., I think if someone at this level got annoyed at me sitting behind then I'd just kick on then, might be different in a championship) including a killer hill at 7 miles. At 8.5 miles I surged past and quickly put some distance on him after about 400m and eased off again and ran relaxed in. Unfortunately another bloke from Serpentine that I'd thought we'd dropped caught him in the last 50m and he didn't have time to react. Overall quite pleased with an awesome trophy, very relaxed run on the whole and time must have been worth significantly faster as it was literally a XC course from about 3 miles in and managed to fairly comfortably go past two blokes who ran 2:35 and 2:37 at London this year.

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Anupam said...

Well done on your 10mile mate. I'm getting scared by your and sean's continued work on longer distances; seems like great prep for x-country...

but dude, get some bloody track pbs already!!

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