Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Training Week Commencing 8th June 2009

Monday: Rest (exams)
Tuesday: rest (finishing exams, getting hammered)
Wednesday: 60 minutes at about 7mm with Matt Hawcroft- tipping it down but a really good run- slight tightness in my right hip flexor over the last mile or so.
Thursday: 15 w.u. with about 10 minutes barefoot on grass, session was 5 x mile off a lap jog recovery and started well with Garrett but was soon clear that something was up and I wasn't running right. First two were dead on pace at 5:00,5:00 but needed to go to the loo and was unable to seriously get bacck on hte pace. Did about 600 of that rep then 400,rest,400 of the next before 800, rest,400 of the last one so did a total of about 6k at 5k pace but not good at all. Did a long warm down, about 23 minutes. Really not sure why I struggled so badly this time.
Fri: Rest
Sat: Boars Hill 64 minutes
Sun: 76 minutes with Paddy, Cathy and Andy. Really pleasant run around various parts of North Oxford on a glorious day.
Total: Still don't want to know

Really interesting week starting running again at the same time as getting slightly inebriated most nights. Very difficult to motivate yourself to bash out 60 minutes when it's filthy weather and you've got a ridiculous hangover. Only for a week though. Aiming for closer to 60 miles next week.

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