Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week Commencing Monday 12th October 2009

AM 40 minute recovery run @ 8:03 per mile
PM 15 warm up and down. 10 x 1000 @ ~Tempo pace (off 200 fast jog) Was shooting for 3:32.5 per k- reps were: (3:31,30,29,30,29,26,31,31,29,19)with me kicking the last 200 in ~31so AVG 3:28.5 or 5:35/mile. Whilst the 200 recoveries were average 54.1 so my recovery was at 7:12/mile - nice trying this out. (75)

40 AM recovery- 8:26 per mile hamstring sore
PM 40 hilly tempo - ~5:56 pace over very hilly route. Best time is 38:08 and I ran 39:11 so a good strong run. Hamstring still a bit sore

AM 50 recovery @ 9:00 per mile- hamstring sore- decided not to do track session in PM.

AM 50 recovery @ 9:22 per mile- hamstring attachment still a bit sore but better.
PM 56 at variety of paces - 35 with lads before Sunday easy/steady, then 4 x 400 on track off 200 jog keeping them relaxed @ 72-74 bar the 67 first one then 10 minutes warming down.

AM 58:30 @ 8:19 per mile- hamstring still quite sore- drove to Nottingham.

Rest- In Nottingham

PM - drove back from Nottingham- 100 minutes @ 7:27 per mile - started slow and finished quicker but getting dark so did last 10 minutes on treadmill.

Running Total: 510 minutes Cycling Total: 0 minutes
Total: 510 minutes

This was a weird week- concurrence of illness, my hamstring getting quite bad DOMS on Monday and that carrying over onto Tuesday which I've reclassified into a hilly tempo run as it was really quite quick together with going to Notts on weekend (awesome trip) meant that I wasn't able to give my hamstring a break all week and I think that's shown by the pace of the recovery runs getting slower over the week from Monday where I was barely walking for 8:03 to Thursday where I was struggling with 9:22. The 67 really pleased me on Thursday oddly as it was in clunky trainers and I really didn't feel like I was running hard- having done no conventional speed work I thought it might have gone slightly but it seems to still be there.

So- plus points- I got the running volume in which is one of my bigger weeks, two very reasonable runs/sessions and I've finished the week healthier and with a decent hamstring again. Negative points are I'm definitely down one session for the week, pace of runs was a bit slow and most importantly I didn't get any cycling in.

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