Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week Commencing Monday 5th October 2009

AM 30 minutes easy (7:10/mile) wet but still an okay run. Pace felt steady at the start and very easy at the end despite being ~45 secs/km quicker.
PM 51:30 recovery run at 9:01/mile with 8 x Canova Hill sprints - broke 10 seconds for three of them moving well on the sprints.
PM 15 wund 6 x 1300 on a 6:30 loop. 4:01,4:03,4:03,4:03,4:02,4:02 avg. 74.6/lap warm up excluding speed ladder, drills and strides and warm-down including 2 x 200m strides @ 10k pace
AM 39:11 recovery @8:52 per mile. Legs a bit sore esp. top of right hamstring
PM 45:14 steady @ 6:06 per mile. Awful rain. Splits on garmin seemed a little dodgy so average pace might have been a bit slower but generally moving pretty well in some awful conditions and muddier than usual forest paths.
PM PM 40 rec. on cycle 22.22km
PM 15 wund, 27:33 5 mile tempo run (5:30 AVG), (60) miles were 5:51,5:42,5:27,5:18,5:07
Friday: Rest - played about 40 minutes tennis.
Saturday: 15 minute warm up, Met League 29th 15 minute warm-down!
AM: 101:16 long run AVG 7:26/mile (5:04,5:04,4:07,5:02,4:37,4:37,4:17,4:20,4:08,4:13,4:50,5:04,4:20,4:43,4:28,4:16,4:24,4:15,4:58,5:30,4:21)
PM 40 minutes cycling recovery 21.16km

Total Time Running: 454 minutes Total Time Cycling: 80 minutes
Total Training Volume: 534 minutes

Managed to miss out one 40 minute recovery run.

Met League Race Report
Messed up pacing totally. First lap was fine as people charged off and I set off well but was running comfortably and aerobically- then when I usually throw in my early semi-surge to move up a fair few places I was stuck behind people and unable to get past. Just sat in rather than forced my way through and continued to do that when I should have been running harder. Second lap I actually pushed a bit on the second half of the second lap and flew away from the people I was with (who were catching others anyway) - only person to come past me was Rich Williams absolutely storming past after stopping for laces or something.

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