Sunday, February 21, 2010

Training Week 22nd February 2010

AM: 2:24:46 / 20.32 miles / 7:07mm - good long run bagging another 20 - did first hour v. easy with club over muddy/hilly terrain with 1:00:25 / 7.76 / 7:45ish before leaving with Oz, Anupam and Matt (for 15 minutes) to nail out half an hour up then down the fairly muddy canal - 1:00 / 9.65 / 6:13 - pace started relaxed at 6:10-6:20 chatting with Matt then picked up a bit when he headed back. Then after the turnaround Anupam started nailing it (5:48,6:03,6:04) before he knackered himself and we eased down to 6:20s or so. V. pleased as was really relaxed at that pace and then we all jogged back through town for the last bit.

AM: 55:02 steady @ ~6:50mm - Garmin not locking on for love nor money. First run with Lockett's Rockets with Paul (I think!) for part of it and Matt Morgan who I'd done a long run with previously.
PM: 48:06 steady/AeT @ 5:56mm + 15 wd jog

PM: Track session with Urban's Group - 18 wu (inc. extensive drills + strides), 4 x 1600 (lap jog) + 5 x 100 hard, 20 wd - 1600s in 5:17, 5:19 ,5:11 ,5:05

AM: 40 recovery @ 9:20 (might be a bit faster as garmin struggling for signal)

AM: 37:08 recovery @ 8:06mm inc. 5 x strides with Hayley
PM: 15 wu, 3 x lap Battersea Park (90) - 10:03,10:27,9:47 21wd - the warm up for this session began less than 5 minutes after eating a McDonalds...

AM: 42:03 recovery @ ~8:30 

AM: 23 wu, National XC 171st 43:58 (5:54mm), 7 wd

Total: 600 minutes / ~ 80 miles

Summary: Start of the week was incredibly brutal with the 38 miles with the majority done at ~6:30 pace or better. I'm not totally sure I'm not still feeling this in my legs. Sessions on Tuesday and Thursday were both deliberately done well under what I could do them at. Was actually quite pleased with the national- far better performance than Southerns ~30-60 seconds better I reckon over a shorter distance. I went out pretty hard and so was gradually drifting back - aerobically I can compete much further up but I really struggle on the hills and any attempt at seriously running XC would need extensive hill work. The muddy and tough courses really don't suit me. On the whole another very solid week and good progress I think...


Anupam said...

I would like to confirm that I did NOT knacker myself out. I just didn't fancy leading the whole way back.

Was haring the Tortoise relays today; damn those kids can run! Have a housewarming soon.

Bryn R said...

You were SOOO knackered! Thought you were going to die on the canal.

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