Friday, February 04, 2011

Imposter & Training‏

So I got an interesting email from my mum this week with the below picture attached saying I found this running photo of you its quite good! to which I had to reply mum thats not me. Parental fail.

In all fairness I had to take a fairly good look myself. Its a worrying resemblance of me when I have long hair! Ive already got one evil twin and I dont need another one!

So how has training been going? On the whole I think Im making a lot of progress. Two big weeks followed up by this easier week which will hopefully be around 60 miles is quite reasonable. I think when 60 becomes an almost trivial weekly mileage youre doing well.

What I have learnt is that my ankles start to suffer after more than about 10 days of high mileage means Ill need to slightly alter the structure of my weeks perhaps in a 100,70,90,80 format or the like. 

Flexibility and strengthening work is still going well. Can consistently touch the floor and starting to get a bit more than just the finger tips down now! 

Just generally Ive been running a lot fewer sessions. Quite often just one a week. It seems to work for me during this base period. I think this will eventually shift to 2 sessions per week and then finally when Im really trying to peak 3 sessions per week but reducing the volume drastically. You can’t do 8 x km 3 times a week but 4-6 x km at 5k pace is much more feasible plus it allows me to attack a much wider variety of paces. Also at that point all the rest of my running would essentially become easy whilst right now Im hoping to include more general steady running to try and get to that aerobic tireless state.

Hope all is well with everyone.

See you at the races,

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