Thursday, February 17, 2011

Week Commencing 7th Feb 2010


AM 14.65 miles at 7:35mm with Clapham Chasers leading fast group

AM 54:55 run into work - Magneto PB! - 6:39mm average- felt good.
PM 65 run home from work - quad completely tightened on me on way home - lot of pain and difficult to walk

AM Rest - did a massage, possibly a little deep

AM Rest - leg less painful at work today and walking normally

PM 5.75 mile run home stopping at Oval on way back and catching tube - leg mostly okay but felt a small tightening.

AM 4.28 short easy run around Clapham Common to test leg - held up well but being cautious

AM 10 miles at 8mm with Hayley - really dreary run in horrible weather.

Minutes 394
Miles 53

Very much an unplanned lower week but I was back running again by the weekend which is positive. Really quite scared on Tuesday as from the way the leg felt I thought something fairly serious had happened.

If I've got niggles and can still card in the 50s I'll take that though. Unfortunately any sort of speedwork got delayed by another week.


Georgio_1999 said...

Bryn - is there a reason you try to avoid deep massage?

Bryn R said...

George - problem is going too deep for too long. After you keep on working the muscle for a long time you can stop doing an awful lot of good and end up making the muscle hyper-sensitive and contract even more.

Most days I do light stuff with the stick and if there's any problems I'll give it a more serious go on the problem area. If I'm actually in pain will get the massage gel out and work on the area. Seems to get rid of niggle pretty quickly.

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