Monday, February 21, 2011

Training 14th Feb 2011

Mon AM Roughly 3.5 miles easy around Common with Hayley - tried out new trail running shoes
PM 9.5 miles to Clapham Chasers and round 2 commons loop.
Tue AM
PM Easy run home after 2 beers - 8 miles 7:55 pace
Wed AM Easy run into work - 8 miles at roughly 7:30 pace
PM Easy run home after Japanese meal with the girls. 8.5 miles at 8:15ish. 
Thu AM
PM Session of 5 x k (90) on road, 3:15,04,06,06,02 - not great but first real one back. Have been struggling for breath recently and whilst legs were fine here was breathing very hard. Odd not being on track.  Left it way too late (9ish) and tired from work
Fri AM 8 miles easyish into work at 7:23 pace - got to admit I was fairly tired for this one and harder work than usual.
PM 32:22 with Harold at lunchtime - fairly quick, probably mid 6s on the Canals around Canary Wharf
Sat AM 2:27 / 20 miles / 7;19mm - run with Chasers Sub 3 group for first 13 or so miles then 3 laps of BP at 5:40 pace (29:45) w. James then a jog back. Good run.
Sun AM 90 minutes at 7:21mm around Clapham Common in X-talon 190s. Didn't intend to run so fast but pace just flowed. Progressive.
Running minutes 688
Miles 92
Cycling Minutes
Total Minutes 688
Summary Fairly good week on the whole with some consistent training and my first interval session back. Also good to get a proper long run in and add some faster stuff in the middle which was tough but definitely added some value. 

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