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Training week ending 30th October 2011

As we're into the new year and I've managed to keep a regular training log for a while I've decided to transfer some of the entries over here, one week every other day until it's up to date.

Would really suggest people sign up to googleplus as that is the best thing I've found so far to blog training but for the moment will run them in tandem.

Training week ending 30th October 2011

Monday: 8.3 miles easy
Tuesday: 8.3 miles steady
Wednesday: 8.3 miles MP progressive starting at 6.20 and finishing at 5.36. 6.02 average.
Thursday: 2 wu, 3.5 tempo @ 5.32 w. Sean, 2wd
Friday : 5 easy @ 7.30
Saturday: 4 w.u. , 10k xc ( ran crap), 2wd
Sunday: just short of  14 miles at 7mm at enjoyable pace over Wimbledon Common with Sam, James and fortunately Andy once we reached the common who took us on a tour.

Weekly total: 63 miles

Summary: A tough week revising for the exam from hell but managed to get a fairly solid week in. I was surprised at how well the tempo went given that had been a neglected area in recent weeks. Unfortunately the race itself was truly horrendous withme struggling from the get-go. it was fairly obvious I was far to stressedto make a decent hash of it though and happy to write it off as a weird one. Annoyingly as as it's the sort of course that suits me down to the ground.

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