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Training week ending 6th November 2011

Training week ending 6th November 2011

Monday: day before exam, did 8 odd miles with chasers averaging 6.45
Tuesday: am 4 recovery miles after exam pm: track session of 7x600 average 1.45 off 3ish minutes rec
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 3.5 mile tempo at 5.29mm
Friday: 5.25 miles at 7.45mm at 11 pm after arriving in mansfield gone 10.
Saturday: am 4 mile v. slow shakeout with sam pm: national xc relays 5k leg in 18.02team 60th.
Sunday: 18 miles averaging 7.15 mostly over wimbledon common. Felt relaxed. Pickedit up over last 6 with 2 sub 7, 2 6.30 and 2 sub 6mm.

Mileage 65 ish

Summary: solid week considering I had an exam. A track session where I finally went over 400m at 72 pace, my first tempo back sub 5.30, my first truly muddy xc I enjoyed and ran well in in years and my first 18 mile run since thames 20 this year.

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