Thursday, September 20, 2012

Training Week Commencing 17th September 2012

Monday: Rest. Woke up with splitting head and running nose.

Tuesday: wu, 8 x road 880m (2), wd - (3:01, 2:55, 3:04, 2:57, 3:02, 3:00, 3:03, 3:00 ; AVG: 3:00 / 5:29mm)

Wednesday: 30 steady AM; PM 45 easy

Thursday: 42 easy AM; PM 80 mins @ 7:12mm w. 4 x 0.97m pick ups (6.5 steady running recovery) (5:22 (168), 5:13 (171), 5:20 (169), 5:16 (171); AVG: 5:18 / 5:28mm)

Friday: 44 easy AM; PM 30 easy at lunch

Saturday: 73 easy

Sunday: wu, SEAA 6 stage relays, wd

Felt strong on Tuesday's session. Was running well in reserve and it was just nice to tick over feeling good after poor sessions last week. Was running into the wind on the odd reps and with the wind on the even ones.

Thursday was another good session when I was very tired after a long day at work. Long term keeping the pace of the faster sections constant and really pushing the recovery could make this a really effective session.

Still need to find out the time for Sunday's race. I felt fairly strong and was moving well in horrible conditions but just not fit enough yet.

Overall volume was a little lower than planned but still a good step up in the context of the last 6 months.

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