Monday, September 24, 2012

Training Week Commencing 24th September 2012

Monday: 30 easy in pouring rain; 58 run home
Tuesday: 44 run into work AM; PM 59 steady home
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: wu, 5 x laps BP increasing tempo (12:26, 11:45, 11:23, 10:23, 10:07 ; 7:05 to 5:48mm; AVG: 11:13 / 6:25mm), wd - not the fastest of runs but picked it up well at the end of a long day.
Friday: Rest, was going to do a shuffle at lunch but decided to celebrate exam results instead.
Saturday: 30 shuffle AM; PM wu, 3 x hill loop at ~MP (3), (16:29, 16:18, 16:13; AVG: 16:20 / 5:58mm ), wd
Sunday: 2 hrs easy at ~7:30mm though starting very slow and speeding up throughout run.

Solid week of running. Not much in the way of sessions but good volume and a sprinkling of faster stuff. Came down with a cold on Friday night and felt pretty awful Sat/Sun.

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