Monday, October 22, 2012

Training W/C 15th October

Poor week of training this week with only 4 proper runs but still clocked a decent number of minutes as each run was long and some good workouts as each contained some sort of session.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: wu, 8 x 880m (90), 30 easy, wd ( 2:54, 2:52, 2:51, 2:52, 2:53, 2:43 - AVG 2:51; 5:13mm)

Wednesday: 16 abortive run

Thursday: 92 steady averaging 7:04mm including 2 x 450m fast and 10 minutes at MP.

Friday: rest

Saturday: long wu + strides, Surrey League XC (11th)

Sunday: 2 hours with the last 30 split 10 steady / 10 MP / 5 tempo / 5 hard.


Tuesday's session was a nice improvement over a very similar session a few weeks back with the pace increased by about 16 seconds per mile. (Previous session was 8 x same length with 2 minutes recovery averaging 3 minutes per rep).

Race was okay. Felt strong until the 1st hill when I started falling back. See race report for more details shortly.

Was a bit disappointed to not run more this week but I'd been feeling pretty rubbish and so taking an easier week helped. Still roughly 50 under the belt which after high 60s/low 70s for a fair few weeks is reasonable.

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