Sunday, October 14, 2012

Training W/C 8th October 2012

This week was a relatively tough one with a hard week at work and also some ongoing achilles issues which flared up after the SEAA XC on Saturday. Despite that I still managed to clock some decent mileage whilst having an "easier" week.

Monday: 45 easy AM; PM 43 easy
Tuesday: 32 easy AM; PM 58 easy
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 60 easy w. 5 x 30 sec pick-ups
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 56 easy AM; PM 59 easy w. 5 x 20-40 sec hard pick ups
Sunday: 1:55 easy around Wimbledon Common

Due to the xc race on Saturday being unsuitable to say the least for my nike frees; I was in moderate achilles pain for most of the week. This happens whenever I don't wear shoes with a soft back and basically leaves me hobbling for at least a few days. It's due to a structural abnormality in the bone under my achilles. It goes away in a few days with soft backed shoes. Work shoes are similarly horrendous so if anyone can suggest some formal shoes with a soft back it'd be appreciated.

Normally it goes away within a few days but it seems to have hung around this time (hence the double rest day this week - again!) - there may be an element of bursitis as well as the pain seems to be on the other side of the achilles from normal.

Tuesday I was meant to be doing a session but a combination of my cold getting worse again, tiredness, sore achilles and a very frustrating day at work where I hadn't been able to get any studying done meant I was in no state to even try. In the past I might have just gone straight home but decided to get an easy shuffle in instead.

Thursday I was similarly drained. End result is that I haven't done a session this week. Not ideal but I'm in a "base" phase anyway and it just doesn't make sense when you're already tired and carrying a niggle to be trying to push your body.

Pleased with the volume - I've been running consistently 60-70 for a fair few weeks now and that's starting to pay off in terms of fitness and body composition. I'm just starting to feel a bit more like a runner again.

That's it for now. Hopefully next week the achilles pain will ease off and I'll be able to add in some more faster stuff.

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