Monday, January 12, 2015

Training Week Commencing 12th January

Monday: AM 20 minutes in pitch black over the fields followed by 10 minutes in London at far end - all very easy PM 60 minutes home from work easy (90)

Very easy day - bit tired due to the early start. Not perfect training today by any means but if this is a low day I'm happy. Struggled in my strength work-out in the evening. Did a marathon chat to the Chasers to an audience of about 40 or so and they seemed fairly pleased with the evening.

Tuesday: AM 29:28 to Westminster (6:52mm) - last 2 miles in 12:44. PM 51 easy home from work with 7 x short sprints (40-60m) in the last 2 miles. (81)

Pleased with my run in given I had a heavier bag than usual on my back and felt like I was moving pretty well. Evening run good as well - was thinking about doing more but knew Wednesday would be a big day. I'm finding the daily blog useful in motivating me - definitely feels like it's helping me make progress and motivating me.

Wednesday: AM 44:17 to Westminster with a loop of Battersea Park (6:48mm) Midday 33:30 easy with Will around Southwark Park (8:30mm) PM 40 easy to Hayley's work (8:06mm) (118)

Nice morning run with Andy albeit pretty cold today - pleased that I was able to carry on at least a bit of a conversation whilst running at that pace with him. Lunch I popped out with Will as part of our team running club and we did a good loop around Southwark Park nattering away. Final run of the day was good and pleased to still be an okay pace but definitely feeling a bit tired! Then off to Into the Woods - unfortunately nodded off midway through for 5 minutes missing the end of the first act / start of the second act. Generally okay but I didn't think the songs were particularly strong (I know it's a Broadway musical...) or that the actors / actresses were great singers which is odd because I loved Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect (guilty secret),

Thursday: AM 37 minutes easy running to Westminster with Hayley PM 41 minute run from work, 5 x 1.5 mile lap MP tempo off 60 seconds (9:32, 9:45, 9:39, 9:30, 9:35), wd jog home (144)

Details of the session and thoughts on it can be found here. Legs definitely had less pop in them today and feeling very tired right now at the end. Am in that stage right now (which I'm used to - and glad to be in) where the body is adapting to the training load and making some changes. 

It can be (very) tough to keep faith sometimes in this stage as you can start sometimes to run a bit slower - people run one week of high mileage and think that it's pretty easy and then get confused the next week when it's harder - the fatigue doesn't really hit you until you're a few weeks into proper training. 

I get reminded of the (I think) Bedford but possibly Foster quote - distance running is about going to be tired and waking up even more tired.Very pleased to be able to get this sort of training done for the first time in a long while and absolutely looking forward to coming out of the chrysalis in a few months.

Friday: Rest

Day off - went to pub in the evening and had a few too many. Think if I want to run at my best in a few months I need to cut back on the Friday pub trips - at least for a bit.

Saturday: 45 minutes easy running with Hayley (45)

Nice loop around Wandsworth Common on the grass wearing the Hokas. Feeling very peculiar all day. Have been having a bit of trouble eating the last couple of days - usually I'll eat everything in sight but it's been a real struggle which has never happened before. Odd.Very restless all day as well.

Sunday: 78 minutes steady to Teddington and then a few laps and sprints as part of CiRF course. (90)

Final day of my Coaching in Running Fitness course - achilles always seems to feel a bit sore when I'm on these courses for whatever reason. Was planning to run the long way there but cut short over the roads for both time and because of energy levels. Shattered by the end of the day. 

Total: 570 minutes / ~76 miles

Summary: Bit of a mixed week with lots of "bitty" training. A big block mid-week with a triple and a very long day on the Thursday led to me feeling a bit odd on the Thursday night and that carried through the weekend.

Very pleased with the quality of the Thursday session given it felt like I was running well within myself - definite progress.

Few more weeks and I will be ready to jump into a road race or at least a time-trial and get an indication of what sort of shape I am in - for now I have the challenge of the Southerns next week. That won't be a pretty race but it'll hopefully help get me ready for something better on the roads. 

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