Thursday, January 22, 2015

Training Week Commencing 19th January 2015

Monday: 40:30 very easy to Westminster (41)

Still feeling very peculiar - decided to take tube home in the evening.

Tuesday: AM 27 minutes easy with Will around Tower/Millenium Bridge PM: 34 steady back to Battersea then jumped on 44 to the cinema. (61)

Still taking things easy due to feeling weird - eating getting easier - very weird feeling after basically being hungry all the time for many many years. Nice to go for a run/chat with Will around London and remember what fantastic views we get around London over the Bridges. Shortish run home at a faster pace - felt like I was running strong after the flying 30s on Sunday. 

Saw Whiplash in the evening - amazing movie. Incredibly intense and close - Miles Teller is good but JK Simmons is a revelation as the conductor of the jazz band turning from hilarious to cutting to brutal on the drop of a penny. Slightly preferred it to Birdman all things considered although Birdman is a much more ambitious movie.

Wednesday: AM 44:42 steady with Andy to Westminster with a loop of Battersea Park (~6:5xmm) Lunch: 30 minutes jog/walk with the team running club PM 39:30 steady to Latchmere (80)

Sort of a triple day but the lunch run was a mix of walk/jog - probably for the best for me. It always inspires me to see people who aren't necessarily natural runners doing their best - I know I wasn't and I feel a duty to try and get people into the sport if I can and make their first experiences as positive as mine were.

Good to run in with Andy - it always gets me shifting and the evening steady was pretty respectable too pace-wise. 

Saw Foxcatcher in the evening - wasn't impressed and can see why it got nominated for best director but not best picture at the Oscars. Definitely not in the same calibre as Birdman or Whiplash - the acoustics of the movie are incredible though. Steve Carrell was a bit disappointing - I don't feel he really inhabited the character with a "less is more" approach which meant it was impossible to read what the character was actually going through. Mark Ruffalo is perhaps the most entertaining in the movie and gives a likeable performance. The movie as a whole seemed a bit confused about what it wanted to be - sports movie, thriller, documentary etc. 

Thursday: AM 37:28 easy to Westminster PM 17 wu, 5 split lap marathon pace tempo avg 9:19 per lap (46:30), 18 wd (118)

Energy levels starting to perk up again - very pleased with the split lap marathon tempo as the same pace as two weeks ago for an extra lap and at a significant reduced effort. Details here

Friday: Rest

Went to pub but moderated it - just a couple of beers.

Saturday: wu, 15k Southern XC - 231st, 60:28 - blog here. (75)

Great race - went really well and big improvement from prior races. 

Sunday: 1:50 easy (~7:38mm)

Bit stiff from the race yesterday with a minor blister but nothing too bad. Took the run relatively easy with a big group. Over the last 4 miles or so Gary, Russell and I picked it up to ~7:15mm recreating this photo....

Went to see Ex Machina in the afternoon - was an okay movie - bit slow and when you know there is going to be some sort of twist (and that twist is going to involve a significant change in pace for the movie) I think they left it too late. Impressive performance from Domnhall Gleeson and was very impressed with Oscar Isaacs. 

Total: 490 minutes / ~65 miles

Summary: Great week - not super high mileage due to a few easier days at the start. Great session on the Thursday though and really pleased with the race and long-run at the weekend.

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