Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Training 25th January 2010

Week Commencing 4th January 2010

AM: 77:53 easy @ 8:17mm - started slow and got down to mid 7s
PM: Ex. Bike - 45 easy after watching a dismal Charlton performance at the Valley...

AM: 38:03 recovery @ 8:35mm - again started 10s down to 7s...
PM: 13:09wu, session (as below), 11:31 wd
  • 1600 (5:11 - 78/lap)[1:54 rec.]
  • 1700 (5:22 - 76/lap) [1:40 rec.]
  • 8 x 450 [40s rec.per rep] (400 splits of 71,70,69,69,69,71,70,70,68) then [1:30 rec.] before
  • 1000 (2:56 ~70/lap)

- First lap of first rep in 81 hence why so slow overall. Very pleased with 450s off 40 seconds recovery and the 1000m. Worked very well with Hugh Torry alternating reps.

AM: 42:43 recovery @ 8:33
PM: 75:01 easy @ 7:52

AM: 43:05 recovery @ 8:37
PM: 21:50 wu, 3 x 5 x 300 (100/500 jog recovery) ~52/53 AVG, 21:30 wd (73:34)

AM: 44:37 recovery @ 8:53mm

AM: 15:05 wu, 58:22 Southern XC (93rd - bit dissappointing- legs struggled with damp, soggy ground at Parly Hill), 10 wd

AM: 70:27 easy @ 7:04mm - ran into Ox with backpack then 50 minutes very enjoyable loop of Oxrad with Hayley - fell over and got muddy.

Total: 607 minutes / ~ 81 miles

Summary: Good track session on the Tuesday especially after tough Sunday long run. Thursday was a bit poor on the track and was just generally feeling pretty bleurgh - probably Tuesday and Sunday catching up on me. Saturday was again a bit dissappointing as a few guys I've beaten recently got me (some by substantial margins) - but I'm not too worried as A) I wasn't tapered and B) I'm not sure why it is but the soft, wet XC courses are awful for me. My feet hit pretty heavy and usually that power is rebounded into my running stride but on courses like Parly Hill I just sink. Looking at my results it can very easily be seen that "hard" courses like Herts XC last year and the Broxbourne XC I run substantively better than on "wet" or "soft" courses like Parly Hill.

Couple of pictures below - apologies if infringing anyones copyright!

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