Sunday, January 10, 2010

Training Week 04/01/2010

Week Commencing 4th January 2010
AM: Rest- giving it another day though less sore than it was.

AM: 7 @ 10:00 - test run- not too much pain but could definitely feel something wasn't right yet.
PM: 60 on exercise bike - good to get used to it again.

AM: 90 on exercise bike

AM: 16 @ 9:38 - very tentative run in the snow - seemed pain-free with little bits in last minute or so.
PM: 60 on exercise bike

AM: Flat hunting all day in Clapham
PM: 7:30 on treadmill @ ~10:00 - clearly wasn't running right- had felt foot whilst walking about London and so stopped treadmill once realised was even a slight problem.
60 on exercise bike

AM: 25:01 @ 9:20 - run through some very deep snow- couple of twinges but foot felt best yet- no real problems.
PM: 62 on exercise bike

AM: 29:02 @ 8:29 - still on snow and felt v. hard for the pace - by far best yet as felt nothing from foot (frozen?!)
PM: 90 on ex. bike

Total: Running - 85 minutes / ~ 11 miles Cycling - 420 minutes

Total Volume: 505 minutes

Summary: Just glad to I was able to run fairly regularly this week- foot was twinging on Thu night/Friday but much better over weekend. Am hoping that hitting decent cross-training will limit the amount of fitness I'm losing. This week should hopefully see a return to 50/60 miles hopefully averaging about 60 minutes a day. Really depends on the foot though. Important thing is that I just get some running in most days ( I honestly think the vast majority of bottom end fitness can be saved in the short term with 30 MPW) and hit the X-training relatively hard with some pseudo-sessions before next week being a proper week again.

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