Sunday, January 10, 2010

Training Week 28th December 2009

AM: 12 wu, Buntingford 10m Race 54:23 PB 1st Place , 12 wd Really pleased with this race as it felt very smooth and controlled generally. Sat in main pack as people dropped off, made a few mini-breaks taking the lead but Steve Watterson stayed with me - broke away over last half mile or so getting a 12 second lead. Warm down with Adam, painful stomach cramps after race. On plus side is a very hilly course and took nearly 3 minutes off the old PB.

AM: 59 @ 8:39 - recovery
PM: 37 @ 6:52 - ran with Tim Ellis around a very icy Saffron

AM: 76 @ 8:04 - recovery/easy - ran with Martin on one of his very rare excursions back home- good to catch up.
PM: 60 @ 8:32 - recovery

Thursday (NYE)
AM: 40 recovery @ 8:25
PM: 60 easy/steady @ 8:01 - 3 minutes jogging up and down a cul-de-sac waiting for others to get ready and 20 minutes jogging at the end lowers average pace - in reality most done at sub 7mm around Rottingdean with locals Joe and Dan and Anupam "I don't really feel like running" - some good surging going on up the hills.
PM PM: 2 mile walk home after NYE party- thankfully in trainers whilst Anupam went barefoot...

Friday (NYD)
PM: Day in Brighton then 43 @ 8:30 around Woodingdean with Chris McG, Anupam and Dan T showing us the way - last 5 minutes my right foot started to hurt on the outside and sole- when I took my shoe off was in a lot of pain and struggling to walk.

AM: Attempted to jog before Sussex XC champs intending to get some sort of work-out done- was still very painful so canned that- then intended to jog during the race to catch Dan but one moment of intense pain caused me to come to my senses - long drive home ~24 mins running. Managed to resist temptation to leave Anupam stranded at a service station south of London.

AM: Rest- giving foot time to heal.

Total: 477 minutes /63.6 miles

Summary: Great start and a crap end to the week - I'm consistently picking up little scrappy niggles the week or two after 10 mile / half marathon races- this time despite keeping every easy. I was really worried about the foot as it's in exactly the same place as I completely screwed over the ligaments back in '06. Was very worried about it Friday and really shouldn't have even tried jogging on Saturday. In retrospect I think I wore some lighter weight trainers for the Thursday and second Friday run- they might possibly have combined with the hills and the cold to create the problem.

To the exercise bike...

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