Sunday, January 17, 2010

Training 18/01/2010

Week Commencing 18th January 2010

AM: 68:42 easy at 7:25mm - last few miles sub 7 pace.
PM: Ex Bike - 60 @ 1:48/km

AM: 16:27 wu, 45:11 AeT @ 5:46, 16:04 wd

Felt fairly relaxed maintaining this for 45 minutes - 2:30 is another question entirely. Haven't lost much fitness though...

PM: Ex. Bike - 60 @ 1:48/km

AM: 73:13 easy to steady @ 7:36mm
Odd one- Stortford town loop with Steve and pace definitely felt faster than 7:36.
PM: Ex. Bike - 60 @ 1:58/km- really didn't fancy this one but did it anyway.

AM: Rest
PM: 20:05 wu, 8 x 1000 (~57), 15:14 wd AVG : 3:15 - did this session with Lee- he did his tempo run getting progressively faster and I did 1000m on, then jogged 100m back to meet him going around again and set off - felt hard at first but by end I was cruising - just getting used to pace again- splits were 3:26, 19, 16, 12, 12, 13, 15, 12

PM: 45 minutes ex. bike 2:00/km

AM: 71:36 recovery @ 9:16mm (beer festival previous night was a bad idea...)
PM: 45 minutes ex. bike 22.78km

AM: 2:00 @ 6:18mm (19 miles!) - went for a long run with Jamal Mohammed - distance approx due to Greenwich tunnel but fairly close- my first ever 19 miler- very pleased with pace- started out easy and then about 2-3km in it very quickly wound down to 6mm before staying fairly consistently there till about the hour mark Jamal started throwing down some 5:41/5:42 miles- went with it but legs started to feel it a little bit- aerobically was fine though- words can't describe how pleased I was with this run and how strong I felt- was seriously considering running for an extra 40 minutes or so and just trying to nail out a rough marathon time...
PM: 45 minutes ex. bike 22.75km

Total: 480 minutes running (~65 miles) 315 minutes cycling
Total Aerobic Volume = 795 minutes

Summary: Best ever long run. Decent Aerobic Threshold run. Relaxed but very reasonable session- all in all a very good week as I'm back running injury free. Cycling seems to be helping as well.

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