Monday, April 26, 2010

Training Week Commencing 18th April 2010

The final taper week!

AM: 66 recovery @ 8:01mm - enjoyable relaxed run with Martin around Battersea Park

AM: 59 steady @ 6:49mm w. Clapham Chasers having a good natter with James Ellis going around.

PM: 21 recovery jogging to/from massage.


PM: 18wu, 10:25, 2 x ~450, 10:25, 20wd -10:25s run at about MP+15 seconds

PM: Rest- went to expo and moderately late by time got back.

PM: Rest- just didn't want to risk going over on an ankle- think probably should have run on one of this or Thursday- spent all afternoon cramming food into self.

AM: rest- not going to do anything day before- considering ten minute jog but coach reckoned best to save energy.

Time: 255 Minutes ~34
Miles: 30
Pace: 7:03mm

Summary: Just a relaxed week leading up to marathon. Ideally would have done Wednesday's run on Tuesday and run 20-30 on one of Thursday/Friday but hardly likely to have done any damage. Generally felt good.

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