Sunday, April 24, 2005

National Junior League-Thames Division 1- 1500m-24/04/05

Got down to the Woodford Green track, it's actually perhaps a little closer to me than the track I train on as although it's further it's straight down the motorway, if you were able to get out on the hard shoulder it would be quicker!

Met up with team-mates and got a few pictures of them both messing about and in action (to be posted shortly), then went over to my race, found out 2 of the woodford green boys who'd been beating me all XC season were in my race. One of them was normally not that far ahead and the other had already raced today so I thought I'd have a good race there, then I started chatting to some of the other competitors (14-15) including Dan Watts, ESSA senior xc champion, 130 places ahead of me! Warmed up with george and got ready for the race, then lined up and it began! Deliberately tried to go slow at the start and did for the first 200m then started advancing upwards, went through the first lap in 68 in the end! The accelerated even more like an idiot moving myself into 4th place behind Dann Watts and his two team-mates all about 20m ahead, went through the second lap in 2:16 another 68 lap, was starting to hurt a little now but kept on going, went through the bell in about 3:10 so I'd slowed down to 72 seconds per lap with one having gone past me, then at the start of the last lap one pulled level, I tried to keep up but he then went ahead, followed by one more, but the two WG&EL lads were still behind. 300m to go and it was hurting, arms ached, kept on trying though, came round the bend and started pushing, almost caught the guy who went past me at the start of the lap but he just kept ahead :(. I'd beaten the two WG&EL boys though for the first time ever! Ran 4:23 which is a 7 second PB and the first time I've gone under 4:30 so moderately pleased, but I could have run smarter and I think I should be runnign a touch faster by now, still speed-work should now sort everything out!

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